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OfficeView Pro

is a network version of an in-out board with a fully integrated messaging system. Employees see the whereabouts of co-workers at a glance of their screen. Your receptionist can respond to calls quickly and send you messages without leaving the reception desk. When you start the program, the screen will automatically indicate "In" beside your name and when you turn off your computer, "Out" will appear (both optional features). One click beside your name opens a list of remarks. Another click on the remark of choice assigns it to the board. You may choose from standard remarks, such as: on vacation until <date>, in a meeting, etc., or you can enter your own unique remarks.

Many options are available to adjust the interface and modify the operation of the program to suit your needs. Each user has unique settings that can be changed by the user or set and locked by the administrator.

OfficeView Pro also includes :

  • an option to automatically change your status to 'Out' after 8 hours of inactivity.
  • provision for the administrator to remotely control any user settings.
  • administrative control over which options each user is allowed to change.
  • a free column on the main screen for additional information, such as, telephone numbers or extensions.
  • an option to display the date and time of the last remark change  in the end column.
  • a pop-up screen for each employee to display information such as telephone numbers, titles and a notepad.
  • options to disable and hide the message system.
  • password security for configuration control.
  • adjustable screen sizes, adjustable length and width of columns.
  • using any column, the display can be sorted alphabetically or in reverse order. You may see, for example, all employees who are "In" at a glance.
  • a quick-search feature that works in any of the columns.
  • a log-on feature which permits users to move to any workstation.
  • the titles and much of the text can be translated into other languages.
  • the option to choose background colors for the remarks.
  • the option to log changes in remarks into a standard database file.
  • comprehensive on-line help.

OfficeView Pro is a self-contained program that does not require any DLL, OCX, or VBX file. The program is available in sizes up to 1000 names. It includes a setup program with complete instructions to install it on your LAN or file server.

Take a look at some sample screens >or download OfficeView Pro to try it out.

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